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 Mosaic Lamp Making Workshop - Pedalisa Art  Mosaic Lamp Making Workshop - Pedalisa Art

Mosaic Art Workshops

We bring mosaic art, which has a history of hundreds of years, out of the depths of history and introduce it to you, art lovers.

Your masterpiece eagerly anticipates, a dynamic fusion of creativity and culture.

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What is Mosaic Art used for?

Mosaic art offers a variety of benefits and uses, making it a popular choice for many:

  • Lively Home Decor: Adds vibrant colors and intricate designs to enhance any space.
  • Unique Gifts: Handcrafted mosaic pieces make thoughtful and personalized presents.
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation: Engaging in mosaic art is therapeutic, reducing stress and improving mental well-being.
  • Special Moments with Friends: Ideal for events like birthdays, where friends can gather, create, and enjoy memorable experiences together.

Private Group Events

Enjoy mosaic lamp making with your family, friends or colleagues in our PedalisaArt studio or anywhere you choose.

Corporate & Team Building Events

Join our Pedalisa Art workshops for various occasions such as team events, club gatherings, and other enjoyable reasons to bring groups together, including corporate employees, school staff, hospital teams, university faculty, and more. Connect, collaborate, and have fun while creating unique art pieces. Strengthen bonds with colleagues through this inspiring, hands-on activity. Showcase your creations proudly at home or in the office. Perfect for enhancing teamwork and building strong relationships across any organization!

Private Parties

Celebrate special occasions with Pedalisa Art workshops. Ideal for bridal showers, birthdays, bachelorette parties, neighborhood gatherings, and any other fun occasion to gather a group and unleash their creativity. Create unique art pieces and unforgettable memories with your loved ones. This inspiring and hands-on experience makes any event special and memorable!


Community Events

Our workshops cater to diverse groups, including Schools, Elderly Homes, Foundations, Charities, Church Communities, and Community Centers. Engage in a mosaic lamp workshop where you can connect with like-minded individuals while contributing to a meaningful cause. We aim to establish a lively and interactive atmosphere, simplifying the process of uniting with your community to raise funds for your foundation or group. Let creativity and inspiration thrive in this distinctive communal space.

Booking for a workshop by selecting a location, date, time, and lamp type

Book for a workshop

From the homepage, select the location under the Booking tab. Click on the date that suits you from the available workshop dates. On the next page, choose the time and lamp type from the calendar. Complete your booking process.

Arriving at the workshop on time

Arrive at Our Workshop

Our workshops commence promptly, so please arrive on time for the Mosaic Lamp Making Class. This ensures you have the full experience, allowing you to explore the boundless creative opportunities and even snap some photos with your friends.

Instructor providing guidance during the workshop

Workshop with Guidance

Our knowledgeable instructors will provide guidance at every stage of the workshop. Typically, our workshops have a duration of approximately 2-3 hours.

Completed mosaic lamp drying and waiting for the grouting process

Wait for the Magic to Happen

After completing your lamp, wait at least 12 hours for the mosaic tiles and beads to dry. Then, using the provided materials, follow the instructions to complete the grouting process at home. Your beautiful lamp will be ready to light up your space!

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Making Workshop - Pedalisa Art

Discover The Art Of Mosaic At Our Exclusive Workshop! 🌟🌟

🎨 Express Creativity:Design a stunning mosaic lamp to bring your unique vision to life!

πŸŽ“ Master the Techniques:Learn glass painting and mosaic skills from experts with step-by-step guidance.

🌈 Create Stunning Designs:Dive into color harmony and aesthetic design principles for lasting impressions.

πŸ”₯ Ignite Creativity:Secure your spot now for an enchanting artistic experience!

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